Will Wind Farms Stop Hurricanes?
Bill Quick

Massive offshore wind farms’ unexpected benefit: Hurricane protection | Ars Technica

And that will unsurprisingly have an effect on how winds propagate. Jacobson modeled three different hurricanes—Isaac, Katrina, and Sandy—plowing into a massive field of wind turbines. The wind speeds dropped by up to 90 miles an hour, which is enough to drop all but the most powerful storms out of the hurricane category. In fact, the huge fields of turbines were so disruptive that the wind speed started to drop before it even reached the turbines, meaning that in many cases, they could safely continue generating energy throughout the storm.

Part of me says, “Faster, please,” but another part of me wonders what might be the unintended consequences of implementing a technology powerful enough to stop hurricanes in their tracks.

This pushes into the realm of terraforming, but I don’t think anybody is really thinking about it that way.  And do we really fully understand the role played by hurricanes in our atmosphere and climate?

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Will Wind Farms Stop Hurricanes? — 3 Comments

  1. “massive field of wind turbines” seems like much more than 50. Maybe it is 100,000 in the model. So, how many turbines of what size stopped the simulated hurricanes?

    We live in the time of “social justice science model”.
    (1) What would you like to be true?
    (2) Construct a “model” so fantastic that some part, possibly very small, is supported by the model.
    (3) Report that small part to the press.

    Your peer reviewers will wink at you as they approve publication. Being wrong for the right reasons advances the cause of all leftist mankind.