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THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND “RAPE CULTURE:” Rand Paul: Democrats should be embarrassed to be seen with Bill Clinton.

As I’ve been telling you repeatedly, and as Rand Paul seems to understand, when many Democrats think of electing Hillary, they’re really hoping that they are reelecting BJ, whom they look back on as having led the nation and their party to a golden-hued promised land.

And they’ve done everything they possibly can to forget all the bad stuff about the First Billary Administrations – Hillary’s naked corruption on BJ’s behalf, BJ’s out-of-control sexual escapades, up to and including rape, and his endless parade of lies about every conceivable thing – It depends on the meaning of the word “is…”

No, it doesn’t.  But it’s nearly sixteen years since the height of the Clinton Scandals, and a new generation has, to some extent, bought into the MSM propaganda campaign about what a great President he was.  So Rand Paul, who has more of the trust of these new generations than any other potential GOP candidate, has made it his task to show the world BJ’s penis of clay, his lies, his corruption, and his utter disdain for American liberty. 

The other very smart aspect of this approach (aside from its inherent truth) is that Hellary won’t be able to ding Paul with her favorite War on Women trope.  Which is quite an advantage, given the left’s ancient strategy:  If you have a black candidate, any opposition is racism.  If your candidate is female, any opposition is sexism.  If you have a white candidate, either it’s a Kennedy, or somebody made a mistake.

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Rand Paul Is a Smart Guy — 2 Comments

  1. If I thought Billary wouldn’t make things worse in the Obama mold, and if I thought liberals were capable of learning, I’d almost be tempted to let ‘em have ‘em, because I doubt Billary could bring about an equivalent to the dotcom era.