GOP Base: No More Mister Nice Guys
Bill Quick

Matthews: GOP could pick up 10 Senate seats | TheHill

MSNBC host Chris Matthews said on Sunday Democrats could lose 10 Senate seats in the midterm elections.

“To the Democrats, this election, a rosy scenario is to lose five Senate seats, not six,” he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“They could lose 10.

I think they’ll be lucky as hell to only lose that many.  A shitstorm of epic proportions is looming for the Obamacare left in 2014.

It won’t be caused by the establishment GOP and its PACs, either.  Their fundraising has been awful of late. But the true conservative PACs have been enjoying a tsunami of hard cash, and they’ve been spending it on kick-in-the-crotch ads that are, and will, do real damage this year.

Bill Quick

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  1. I think they’ll be lucky as hell to only lose that many.

    I think that you underestimate the ability of the GOP to shoot itself in the foot, while said foot is inserted in its mouth.

    I put nothing past Graham and McCain. They are intent on effing the base good and hard on immigration. The only question is whether or not they’ll wait until AFTER the election. If they keep pushing before, the GOP will be lucky to survive this election cycle.

    • Please note the tenor of my post: The GOP (establishment) isn’t fighting. But the conservative base and its funding agencies are. They’ll be a lot nastier than the establishment. And likely more effective. At least they always have been before – see the difference between the two Reagan elections, and the two Bush elections, if you want that vividly outlined.

    • Certainly not. But playing a rigged game is a good way to lose.

      Take it to them in every underhanded fashion possible: lawsuits challenging RINO and Dem candidates and initiatives circulated for public signatures*, vicious “nonpartisan” ads attacking the family life of candidates, public accusations of racism. Have teams of leg breakers on hand, ready to chase away Black Panther “poll watchers”. Run sting operations to show videos of politicians taking bribes or trying to pick up underage girls. Go vicious, but barely within the letter of the law.

      * As usual, I’m so tired my brain isn’t working. Can’t remember or find the word I want — sheets of paper trundled around for signatures of registered voters, constituents, or warm bodies, which get a candidate on the ballot or an issue up for referendum.