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RealClearWorld – How Ukraine Destroyed the Myth of Russian Power

No matter how the crisis engulfing Ukraine plays out, it has already produced one result that is probably more important than anything else: it has destroyed the myth of Russian strength.

Whoever wrote this thing is very likely to look at it in retrospect and devoutly wish he’d never written such a stupid notion for publication.

This thing isn’t over by a long shot.  Myth of Russian power?  Who’s going to stop them?  Barack “Bambi” Obama?  The Euroweenies who are utterly dependent on Russia for their natural gas?


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  1. Yep, I was just about to bring up the natural gas. On the one hand we have Vladimir Putin, the dictator-in-waiting whose iron fist is on the pipeline’s valve. On the other hand we have Bowrack Obowma, the bloviating pussy who never met a tyrant whose crotch he didn’t genuflect toward.