Mobile World Congress a Real Yawner
Bill Quick

New gadgets unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona –

(CNN) — Mobile World Congress returned to form this year, with Samsung, Sony, and Huawei all choosing to launch flagship devices in Barcelona. These are my picks from the show:

What follows is, well, not much.

The biggest announcement was the latest Samsung S-phone, the Galaxy 5S, which sports – as usual – incremental improvements, primarily the fingerprint recognition already debuted by Apple and others.

Nothing much in the way of significant hardware or form-factor advances, but the bottom line is simple:  There is nothing here that would tempt me to upgrade my Galaxy Note II.  Or my Asus T100, for that matter.  Maybe we’ll see something more out of IDF 2014, or Microsoft Build later this year.

The wearable craze is leaving me fairly cold, although I can understand the appeal of some of it to some people for some purposes.  But the tech isn’t there yet to make it really interesting, and that goes double for Google Glass. 

I’m still hoping to be able to trade in my Asus for something lighter, faster, more powerful, and with an even better battery life come the fall, though.





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