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Bill Quick

Setting Up A Camp Kitchen My Way – American Preppers Network : American Preppers Network

Food:  I’ve found lidded 5 gallon buckets work best for this.  A little inconvenient, yes, but it keeps everything dry and clean.  It also helps to prevent breakage and spoilage.  I bring a fair amount of home canned goods, and they all come in glass jars.  If I can pack ‘em in with the flour, it provides some cushion.  Plus, they stack, so you can go vertical with them and keep them out of the way.  I typically take 4-5 buckets, depending on how many days we’re going to be gone.  Each has a category, for example, last year I took the following: Spices, Dried goods, Canned goods x 2, and Snacks.  Each bucket had the general category written on the lid for ease of use.

Useful if you do much camping.  Or if you think you might be doing so After The Collapse.

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