Here Is a Handy Way to Keep Up On the Latest Biotech Research
Bill Quick

I get this as an email newsletter once a week.  While not exhaustive, it does give me a rough notion of what is going on in the biotech world.  Much of it is a lot more advanced than I realize, and always leaves me muttering, “Faster, Please.”

The subscription is free.  He’re the one I got this morning:


FierceBiotech Research, a free weekly email newsletter that covers the science of drug discovery.

Today’s Top Stories

  1. Gene therapy regenerates damaged tissue in pigs after heart attack
  2. Reprogrammed skin cells could provide a way to regenerate liver tissue
  3. Global tuberculosis R&D takes hit with AstraZeneca site closure
  4. HPV-like vaccine guards against skin tumors in mice
  5. DOD selects Bavarian Nordic to develop vaccine against biological threats

Editor’s Corner: Scientist: Let’s not discredit acid-bath stem cell studies–yet

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Spotlight On… Berg, Parkinson’s Institute partner to find biomarkers

Key protein IDed in malaria transmission; Epizyme therapy inhibits leukemia in preclinical study; and much more…

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