Cancer Victim Versus Obamacare (And Democrat Tool Who Voted To Kill Her)
Bill Quick

Cancer Victim Silenced by Rep. Gary Peters Speaks Out | Washington Free Beacon

Julie Boonstra, a cancer patient who was kicked of off her health plan due to Obamacare, lashed out at Rep. Gary Peters (D., Mich.) on Saturday after lawyers for his campaign demanded that Michigan broadcasters cease airing ads featuring her story.

Boonstra, a Michigan resident, was diagnosed with leukemia five years ago. She was recently kicked off of her healthcare plan due to regulations passed as part of President Barack Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which Peters voted in favor of.

After relating her story publicly in an ad produced by the advocacy group Americans for Prosperity (AFP), Peters dispatched lawyers to prevent the spot from running on local television stations.

Boonstra, who says she is now struggling to pay out of pocket for her rising healthcare costs, told the Washington Free Beacon she is stunned by Peters’ efforts to censor her story.

“I’m appalled. I’m appalled as a mom, as a woman, and as a cancer patient, as someone living with cancer … who has stood before this nation to say, ‘I cannot afford that out of pocket expense,’” said Boonstra, who said she was given a 20 percent chance of surviving her disease. “As a Michigan resident, to silence my voice, I’m absolutely appalled.”

Peters, who is running for a seat in the Senate, instructed his legal counsel earlier this week to demand that stations stop running the AFP ad until additional evidence of the cancer victim’s claims could be produced.

“For the sake of both FCC licensing requirements and the public interest, your station should immediately require AFP to provide the factual documentation for its claims if you are going to continue airing this advertising,” read the letter from Peters’ lawyers.

Ah, yes, the tried and true tactic of the Ruling Class:  Use the power of your position to extort obedience to your own demands.

You know what, Congressman Dick, er, Peters?  Fuck you.

Here’s the ad:

If you have friends in Michigan, pass it on to them directly.

Washington Post Rates Obama’s “7 Million Have Signed Up for ObamaCare” Claim… Four Pinnochios, the Highest Rating for Deception

Meanwhile, Freddoso notes the “most brutal anti-Obamacare ad yet” running in Michigan.

The key word in Ace’s analysis here is “yet.”  As in, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

There is stuff in the pipeline that will make this effort look like a casual stroll in the park on a warm, sunny day.  And it won’t be coming from the “mainstream” GOP PACs.  It will be utterly savage, and it will come from the hard core conservative and Tea Party base organizations.

The Democrats don’t have a clue what is about to hit them.  The single best thing the GOP managed to do for itself since Obama was elected was to somehow avoid having a single Republican cast a vote for this monstrosity.

And so, for the Democrats who did vote for it, there will be absolute hell to pay.

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