Glass Is Only the Beginning
Bill Quick

How Google Glass Is Redefining Tech Etiquette – NBC

When it comes to Google Glass, no one can see eye-to-eye.

From bars to boardwalks, courtrooms to crosswalks, the peculiar eyewear designed by the search giant is driving what some advocates say are long overdue conversations about etiquette and social norms in an age when people can walk around with an Internet-wired camera strapped to their craniums.

It’s really not redefining anything, you know. Fifteen years from now, when you can stick contact lenes on your eyeballs that are ten thousand times more powerful and capable than the current iteration of Glass, only a few will even be able to remember the phony dramas ginned up by panty-wetting hysterics.

Well, unless they wink today’s laughable manias up on their contacts, which will be easy enough to do. I’m sure they’ll all get a good chuckle out of reading the primitive fears and taboos of the bygone generation of today.

I plan to be around to hoot “I told you so” at every one of these shrieking privacy loons.

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Bill Quick

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