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Bill Quick

With Firefox OS, Mozilla begins the $25 smartphone push | Mobile World Congress – CNET Reviews

BARCELONA — Mozilla doubled down on its bet that low-end smartphones will give Firefox OS a place in the crowded mobile market, announcing partnerships Sunday that will bring $25 smartphones to the large number of people who can’t afford high-end models like Apple’s iPhone 5S and Samsung’s Galaxy S5 that cost hundreds of dollars.

At the Mobile World Congress here, Mozilla announced a deal with Chinese chip designer Spreadtrum Communications that will mean
Firefox OS smartphones will arrive in extremely cost-sensitive markets like India and Indonesia where people often buy phones from a bin in a store.

Here’s the thing that most people can’t really wrap their noggins around:  Within an amazingly short period of time, almost everybody in the world will be carrying around a supercomputer in their pocket.

Remember:  The real brains will be in the Cloud.  But in order to take advantage of that, you have to be able to access the cloud.  This, and other gadgets like it, is going to make that possible for billions of people for the very first time.

Bottom line: Very shortly, everybody will have the Cloud in their pocket.

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Bill Quick

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  1. Yessir, Bill, and then the only question will be which(by then) totalitarian government(s) will take control of that lovely place first.
    Sorry, sometimes my pessemism and realism overwhelm my happy thoughts…

  2. I will admit that the main reason I don’t own a smart phone is due to economics: I simply cannot afford it while trying to house and feed my family. And this no inflation -HA- era is not helping either. However, if a $25 version from Mozilla becomes available, the economics start to make sense for me.

    • What about my no-contract sixty buck Nokia 521 with a 1000 minutes for a 100 bucks for a year? Total outlay $160 for first year, 100/yr thereafter (or cheaper, maybe) and full smartphone capabilities wherever you can connect to wifi?

      And it’s a lot better phone than that Firefox.

      • So Bill, does that mean you can make calls via WIFI? Or, do you just use the phone company for calls and rely strictly on WIFI for regular internet type services?

        My phone, which is still the old style phone that is just a phone cost me $30 a month for 1500 minutes (a month) with no contract. I use my Kindle Fire if I need to connect to WIFI. ‘Course WIFI signals aren’t as easy to come by out here in the rural great white north as they probably are in the big city where you are. I was pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to save 55 bucks a month over my old contract plan. I don’t really need 1500 minutes a month, 1000 would probably be plenty. Maybe it’s time to start price hunting again.

        • So Bill, does that mean you can make calls via WIFI? Or, do you just use the phone company for calls and rely strictly on WIFI for regular internet type services?

          My plan covers phone calls and texts from anywhere. If I want to make wifi calls, I can use Skype or Viber, both of which I have. But I can’t browse the web without wifi, because I don’t pay for a data plan.

          I will say that you make a hell of a lot more voice calls than I do, though, (I make hardly any), so my deal might not work well for you.

  3. Just as the only way to fight bad speech is with more speech, the only way to fight technological abuses with with more technology.

    Living in a cave in a Luddite woods is no protection. In fact, you are more vulnerable to some agency using high tech, because in your primitive state, you are entirely unable to even discover such uses, let alone protect yourself against them.

    • You did do that. I didn’t know it had no title, though. The one I thought I remembered was Firefox Bridge to the Cloud.

      So I saw yours, and knew you’d done it, and after a while figured out the Bifrost thing, but it looked mangled, so I changed it back (at least that’s what I thought I was doing.

      Jesus. Between the two of us I don’t put up titles I thought I did, and then you change them but not in the way you remember (strikeout through “fire” but no “bi” inserted – what you actually inserted was “fi,” which was just enough to clue me to “bifrost,” which I thought was too obscure, and then….

      Never mind. I’m nattering.