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Panasonic’s new 5-inch Toughpad tablets are also rugged smartphones | TabTimes

Announced at this week’s Mobile World Congress, the two devices feature a 5-inch HD display, quad-core processor and LTE capabilities. The FZ-E1 runs Windows Embedded Handheld 8, while the FZ-X1 is an Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) device.

Just as 7″ strikes me as being on the bleeding edge of too big for a smartphone, 5″ strikes me as being too small for a tablet.

For somebody like me, the hybrid “phablet” in the neighborhood of 6-6.5″ seems juuuuuust right.

BTW, I’ve mentioned that I watch a lot of subtitled Korean drama.  K-Drama is very nationalistic when it comes to product placement, so everybody on these shows uses a Samsung phone.  And they’re all using the Samsung Mega models with the six inch screen this season.  Amazingly, nobody screams that the phones are “gigantic.”

Of course the young folks on these shows are depicted as being cool, not as being panty-wetting techno-hysterics.

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