How Do You Chump a Sophisticated New Yorker? Easily, Apparently
Bill Quick

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New York City’s new mayor can’t seem to catch a break.  After sternly initiating a new “zero-tolerance” war on pedestrian fatalities, which his police department kicked off by issuing a flood of jaywalking tickets to bewildered offenders, he was blindsided by a Fox News camera crew that filmed his chauffeur-driven car rolling through stop signs and traveling more than 20 MPH over posted speed limits. This Mr. DeBlasio dismissed by saying his driver and the “Police Department” were responsible for his official transportation, but this did not suffice to explain film of the mayor walking several times across intersections against the light.

It’s a small thing, but in New York, where jaywalking is considered as much a right as winning the World Series, citizens are understandably dismayed by this “blame the victims” approach, and even more understandably puzzled when the mayor brusquely disregards his own dicta.

If I were a lefty, I might extemporize here on the evils of hypocrisy.  Lefties hate hypocrisy unless, of course, they are talking about their own hypocrites.

Instead, though, I think I’ll just award the sophisticated voters of New York City today’s Golden Chump with Horselaugh Garland Award, and wish that they enjoy, good and hard, what they’ve just done to themselves bent over and rammed up their own butts.

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