Don’t Just Do Something, Do the Right Thing
Bill Quick

Samantha Power Dives Deep…Into Incoherence | Power Line

Rather, I think Samantha Power–who among fans of the Obama administration is considered a deep thinker!–suffers from the muddle-headedness that typifies most liberals. She can’t face the truth, which is that radical Muslims are an existential threat to civilization and freedom, with whom we can never be reconciled. So in lieu of truth, she emits platitudes about “cycles of violence” and so on. The sad reality is that her boss, Barack Obama, who has appointed her to a series of high-profile foreign policy positions, has just as incoherent a view of the world as she does.

Well, if she and Obama were to face those facts, then they might be forced to do something about them.  And since the Marxist and Muslim-raised Obama doesn’t have a problem with those facts, doing anything about them is the last thing he – or his surrogates – are interested in.

And, of course, even if he were interested in doing anything, he’d probably botch it.  After all, George W. Bush’s efforts to “do something” ended up not only failing, but in deciding the American people that doing anything was impossible, which, as it turns out, is exactly the situation Obama likes very much.

Bill Quick

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