When Blacks Become True-Believing Marxists
Bill Quick

Articles: When Black Americans Become Good Germans

In no other subculture are fully uniformed racist agitators given leave to rant from pulpits.  Aryan Nations and Nazi speakers are not guest preachers in white churches; if they were, those churches would be speedily booted from their denominations.  Yet Black Panthers often figure before black congregations.  During the Duke lacrosse case, Malik Zulu Shabazz himself was made keynote speaker at a church rally, attended by civic and civil rights leaders.  By report, the Jewish name of one of the falsely accused lacrosse players was mocked.  Snickering resulted — as if names like Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Isaiah, and Hosea are proper subjects for derision inside a church (or anywhere else).  Another Panther speaker expended himself in denouncing “Zionism.”

That’s where you end up when your Marxist ideology trumps your Christian religion.  The author doesn’t understand that he is describing a battle between two religions, and in the black community, Marxism has won.

Bill Quick

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