About All It’s Good For Is Wiping Your Ass, Or, NYC Gets The School System It Deserves
Bill Quick

Teens defend ‘fail factory’ school in error-filled letters | New York Post

Earlier this month, The Post exposed a scheme at Manhattan’s Murry Bergtraum HS for Business Careers in which failing students could get full credit without attending class, but instead watch video lessons and take tests online. One social-studies teacher had a roster of 475 students in all grades and subjects.

Red-faced administrators encouraged a student letter-writing campaign to attack The Post and defend its “blended learning” program. Eighteen kids e-mailed to argue that their alma mater got a bad rap.

Almost every letter was filled with spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

A junior wrote: “What do you get of giving false accusations im one of the students that has blended learning I had a course of English and I passed and and it helped a lot you’re a reported your support to get truth information other than starting rumors?.?.?.”

Another wrote: “To deeply criticize a program that has helped many students especially seniors to graduate I should not see no complaints.”

One student said the online system beats the classroom because “you can digest in the information at your own paste.”

“Us as New York City Students deserve respect and encouragement,” one letter read. “We are the future of New York City and for some students, The future of the country.”

It’s sort of hard for non-New Yorkers to figure out from the articles, but apparently this scam of an “educational institution” is owned and operated by the NYC school system.  In other words, it is public, not private, education.

And it’s about what you would expect out of a system that has come to believe that the credential – a high school diploma – has some sort of intrinsic worth beyond the education it supposedly represents.

But if this is the case, why send kids to school at all?  At the appropriate age, just print out a diploma from your home computer.  Which is apparently more or less equivalent to what is going on here.

And I’m sure those complicit in this state-operated diploma mill will assure you they’ve done their duty for their students.  After all, they got a diploma, didn’t they?

And by complicit, I mean teachers like this guy:

‘Fail factory’ teacher churns through 475 students per year | New York Post

On paper, he’s a super-teacher. To critics, he’s the poster child for academic fraud in New York City.

Alexis Pajares “teaches” 475 students at Manhattan’s Murry Bergtraum HS for Business Careers in all grades and all disciplines — including algebra, biology, chemistry, Chinese, earth science, economics, English, government, health, history, law and Spanish.

So there’s that much.

Bill Quick

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