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Bill Quick

Radical candidates self-destruct

The train wreck continues in the conservative world populated by groups such as Heritage Action and the Senate Conservatives Fund. One of their top candidates, Milton Wolf, who is seeking to bump off popular conservative incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts in Kansas, is trailing by a huge margin, 49 to 23 in the most recent poll. This is after he and the right-wing chorus made a huge to-do about Roberts not living in the state. (In fact, he travels home frequently and is a familiar face.)

In Kentucky, Matt Bevin trails Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell by 20 to 30 points according to a handful of public polls. Bevin has sat down with John Birchers, apparently misrepresented his education and attacked McConnell on the Troubled Assets Relief Program, although he had written a letter in favorite of it. Now Bevin is getting snared in his own hateful language.

I think that the rest of the conservative base may well take the same road already traveled by the Christian evangelicals:  Out of politics entirely, because the game is so rigged there is no conceivable way they can get any actual representation.

BTW, is WaPo still trying to pass Jennifer Rubin off as a conservative?  Or even a RINO?  She’s a Democrat, and not a particularly moderate version of that.

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RINOs Rejoice — 2 Comments

  1. She’s reading an awful lot into a poll taken nine months before an election, for a guy (Wolf) who just started his campaign. Did she expect him to zoom to the top over a guy who has been in Congress since 1981 and therefore has almost total name recognition?

    It’s almost, I dunno, as if she wants Wolf to be irrelevant. As if she were somehow a cheerleader for the establishment GOP, or a bimbo writing for a left-leaning newspaper as a token “conservative” who knows exactly where her bread is buttered. No doubt she would vociferously protest that characterization, but somehow I can’t shake the doubts that she’s really just a minor ruling class hack.

  2. The pertinent election is the primary, which is in less than nine months. That said, I’d be interested to know what the Crist/Rubio poll numbers looked like at this time before the primary, or the Dewhurst/Cruz numbers, or Lugar/Mourdock. It’s hard to judge the significance of a challenger poll without context from similar challenges in the past.

    That said, I have great confidence in the ability of both the conservative movement and the Republican party to auto-headshot.