Stockman a Loser in Texas?
Bill Quick

Texas tea party sours on Stockman – Katie Glueck –

The day after he mounted his challenge, Club for Growth, a prominent group that has been funding tea party candidates, said it was staying out of the Texas race. Other tea party-linked groups, such as FreedomWorks and the Senate Conservatives Fund, have since stayed neutral, while Cornyn has been endorsed by influential conservative groups such as the National Rifle Association and Texas Right to Life.

Since entering the contest, Stockman has made few appearances on the campaign trail, and he went largely off the grid for nearly two weeks last month (later it was revealed that he was overseas on business), missing a slew of votes in the House and time on the road in the process.

Look for Cornyn to keep right on stabbing the Tea Party/conservative base in the back if he’s reelected.  And why not?  His allies, the RINO wing of the Ruling Party, as well as the Democrat wing, will have demonstrated they don’t need the base to keep a stranglehold on power and high office.


Bill Quick

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