All the World’s a Tinderbox, and Retarded Children Are Playing with Matches
Bill Quick

Why the eruption in Kiev could set off a tsunami that will engulf us all: As Ukraine burns, a stark warning from our most authoritative historian of Eastern Europe | Mail Online

If political andeconomic chaos leads to civil war in the country lying between Nato and Russia, Yugoslavia’s break-up would seem like a vicarage tea party.

But as disaster looms, there is a glimmer of hope. Russia and  the West have a common interest in avoiding a geo-political fight.

Both Moscow and Washington should make it clear they will not tolerate either side causing more violence. Nor will they stand by their self-proclaimed friends if they do.

Otherwise, East and West could find themselves dragged on to the
slippery slope of confrontation for causes that are not their own.

The world is looking more like a tinderbox every day.  We have flashpoints emerging between FUSSR and Europe (NATO), between the PRC and Japan, and between the various Islamic Factions and everybody else, with all the great and near-great powers choosing up sides with the primary goal of knocking the United States from its role as the globe’s only “hyper power.”

There are several fuses burning.  Let us devoutly hope that they don’t lead to simultaneous explosions.  Especially with President “Who Cares/Drone Strike” in office.

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Bill Quick

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