Another Fuckhead Opens Mouth, Spews Moronity

Gun Control and the Constitution: Should We Amend the Second Amendment?

[Senile lefty piece of shit John Paul Stevens] thinks the best way to fix the situation is to amend the Second Amendment. He’d do that by adding five words as follows:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms when serving in the militia shall not be infringed.

Tell ya what, you goat-fucking inbred: Get rid of any protection you might have, whether personal firearms, security service, or bodyguards. After all, firearms aren’t about “homeowners’ anxiety about violent felons”. Live by the rules you want us to live by. If you’re still alive in a year, get back to us.

By the way, fuck Bloomberg, both BusinessWeek and the asshole former would-be dictator of Turdball on the Hudson. If they had their tongues any farther up Stevens’ ass they’d be tickling his tonsils. “Brilliant legal mind”, my ass.


Another Fuckhead Opens Mouth, Spews Moronity — 1 Comment

  1. …when serving in the militia…

    Well – in a strict legal sense, the only real “militia” in this Nation of ours is composed of every able-bodied man, woman and young’un who is not an enrolled member of the military (no, it is NOT the National Guard in any way, shape or form, never has been – “militia”, whether “well-regulated” [which just means "properly-equipped and ready to serve as needed" anyway] or not, has always meant, and still means civilians and/or a civilian force; i.e., NOT recognized military, trained and Gubment-equipped, whether full-time or part-time – which IS all of the National Guard units, and all individuals in ‘em.), and all genuine militia are, strictly (legally, again) speaking, “serving” at any and all times “as/when needed” – so: those “five little words” being added to the Second wouldn’t mean diddley-shit – wouldn’t, in short, change a thing…in a strict legal sense…

    Which makes J.P. Stevens clearly NOT such a “brilliant legal mind” after all, right? – But then, you already KNEW that -

    OTOH – since when did “a strict legal sense” restrain FedGov/StateGov/LocalGov in its Pursuit Of HappinessDestroying Resistance, of course?