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Bill Quick

Mikulski Says Cellphone ‘Kill Switch’ Fears Baseless, ‘Conspiratorial’ – US News

The Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association in the past has opposed such proposals, warning that hackers might infiltrate the new technology, and electronic rights activists caution there may be abuse from authorities.

Mikulski says those concerns are not valid.

“First of all, if they’re worried about a hacker, they could do that to your cellphone now, a kill switch won’t affect that one way or the other,” she says. “In terms of your government shutting off your cellphone, I think that’s conspiratorial.”

Right, you fellating statist hack.  Because our government would never abuse its IRS, DEA, BATF, NSA, HSA, FBI, CIA, or TSA powers, and anybody who thinks such things could happen is nothing but a tinfoil hat conspiracy theoriest.

Oh, wait…


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