Jersey Fats Discovers He Doesn’t Like Obama After All
Bill Quick

Chris Christie Rejects White House Dinner Invite – ABC News

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is in Washington, D.C., for meetings with the nation’s governors this weekend. But he’s taking a pass on a dinner Sunday at the White House — despite his public embrace of the president after 2012?s Superstorm Sandy and the criticism he got from Republicans for their warm interaction just before the election.

Damage control.  He hurt himself badly with conservatives after his public bout of kissy-face with the Thief in Chief.  He thought that was a decent trade, as long as it gave him the “indepentents,” and maybe even a few Democrats.  But now that the Bridge Scandal has hurt him with them, and his overall prospects are plummeting, all of a sudden the GOP base looks a lot better to him.

Also, Bambi is toxic.  Even Democrats don’t want him anywhere around their campaigns.

Bill Quick

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