I Won’t Crawl Across Broken Glass to Vote For Crap Any More
Bill Quick

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If one of Sean Trende’s likeliest scenarios is to come to pass, it’s going to come down to conservatives and libertarians in several states holding their noses and turning out to vote. The GOP could put up Zombie Nixon against Udall, and I would crawl over broken glass to vote for him.


Folks, take a hike on over to the excellent “On the Issues” web site and take a gander at the comparison between Mark Udall and Richard Nixon:

Mark Udall on the Issues

Richard Nixon on the Issues

Go ahead.  I’ll wait.

I remember Nixon quite well.  Steve is young enough that I suspect he has no actual memory of Nixon.  Otherwise, I can’t understand the logic of crawling across broken glass to vote for a man who is arguably less conservative and more statist than Mark Udall, just because he has an R after his name instead of a D.

We keep coming back to the same question:  Sure, some elections matter, but what matters even more is why we are electing people, and what they do after we elect them.  If, as is the case with Udall and Nixon, the party label is a distinction without a difference, then advising people to crawl over broken glass to vote for one or the other may result in a lot of eviscerated voters, but no material changes.

Which seems like a mug’s game to me.  Give me somebody I want to vote for, and I’ll take my chances with the broken glass.  But I’m not going to risk my tender underbelly just to exchange a pile of crap for a banquet of shit sandwiches.

The only way to stop these people from feeding us crap sandwiches is to refuse to eat them any more.

Bill Quick

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