Not All the Time, But That’s the Way to Bet
Bill Quick

Chief Forte says police to crack down on Plaza teen disturbances – KCTV5

Following Saturday’s disturbance on the Country Club Plaza, three teens were arrested and one juvenile was detained.

While one mother is apologizing and asking for the public’s forgiveness, another teen arrested over the weekend remains unapologetic for his actions and says police racially profiled him.

Whenever I read some MSM report abount “teens” committing crimes, my default assumption is that the teens in question are black.

At the moment, my batting average on that is somewhere over .950.

Bill Quick

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  1. It’s currently my understanding that it’s only “legally” (read: “politically, in ObamaMerica”) possible to “racially profile” Blacks and/or certain “non-white” Hispanics – ‘specially if there’s yoots involved – so…there’s that -