Promise Me Anything, and I’ll Vote For You
Bill Quick

Dan Henninger: The Rube Goldberg Democrats –

Not everyone deserves a gold badge from J.D. Power, but by and large it has become very difficult to sustain a shoddy product in the marketplace anymore.

Except the government. And the Democratic Party is nothing if not the party whose identity is bound up with government services and the public unions that deliver those services.

This betrays a basic misunderstanding of how Democrats “think.”  As long as the Dems keep on serving up gold-plated promises, they’ll never be held accountable for their lead-bottomed failures.

Communism has never worked, ever, under any circumstances, even on its own terms, and yet time and again nations turn to it because it promises heaven on earth, and you don’t have to be good.  Just needy.

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Bill Quick

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