Know Who Your Real Buddies Are
Bill Quick

Esplanade Avenue attacks on cyclists involving baseball bats scare area bikers |

“This was someone who was vulnerable,” Eskew said. “People riding very early in the morning are vulnerable. They could be tired, they could be out drinking. It looks like a random attack, but these people were riding alone, and the people who perpetrated it did it on purpose, looking for an easy target.”

Simply riding a bicycle doesn’t make a person a target, Eskew said, and there are ways to ride safely in the city.

“People have to be aware of what’s going on,” he said. “There’s safety in numbers, and everyone should use a buddy system.”

I favor a buddy system in which my buddy is something in a .357 caliber or better.  Especially since it now looks as if the usual suspects are upping the scope of their “knockout games.”

Bill Quick

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