Shocker! Cops are Pigs! News At 11 – Or, Probably, Not
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You can read the rest of his account, where he was taken to prison, detained without charges, placed into solitary confinement, and eventually made his way out of the system.  By my count [at least] the following illegalities were committed against Partinsky and his friend by the San Francisco Police Department.

  1. Denial of due process (see Professor Glenn Reynolds on A Due-Process Right To Record The Police, and Morgan Manning on Photographers’ Rights).
  2. False imprisonment.
  3. Assault and battery.
  4. Kidnapping.
  5. Reckless endangerment.

The judges conspire with the police and don’t care about your rights (after all, those no-knock raids where cops point rifles at women and children require a warrant).  The police will be immune from prosecution for abuse and illegalities (or otherwise from the consequences of their actions) as long as we allow it to happen.

As I remarked elsewhere (this story has been percolating around San Francisco for a while now) this guy still comes across as somebody suffering from “Battered Citizen/Stockholm Syndrome.”

But then, I know all about San Francisco cops.  Certainly enough to know that I have absolutely zero rights in any confrontion they care to instigate, and that cops, in general, are not nice guys when they put that uniform on.

Anent the title of this post:  Okay, not all cops are pigs, at least not all the time.  But that’s the safe way to bet, unless you want to have exciting experiences like this guy did.



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Shocker! Cops are Pigs! News At 11 – Or, Probably, Not — 4 Comments

  1. All cops are pigs. Even if only 5% are on the take or misuse their authority or are otherwise “bad”, the other 95% know about it. If the “honest” “majority” are not reporting the dishonest “minority”, or even arresting them, then the “honest” “majority” are dishonest, too.

      • I read closely from the beginning, because I wanted to know. I don’t think he ever says why–and I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t even KNOW why. IIRC when they let him go they essentially dropped any charges that might have been pending. (Reminds me of the story of the grandma whose grandson was charged with a minor pot crime–she papered the parking lot on the day of his trial with flyers about jury nullification. She was arrested for jury tampering, then in a red-faced moment, the cops let her go when they realized trying to actually put her in front of a jury was stupid even for a Democrat. (Sadly, there’s enough people out there these days that feel that if you’ve been charged with something, you MUST be guilty, so they probably would be able to get a conviction anyway.)