Pelosi: Botox Makes My Brain As Smooth As a Billiard Ball
Bill Quick

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This can only be one of two things: stupidity powerful enough to shatter atomic nuclei, or brazen chicanery noxious enough to peel paint. Either one could apply to Pelosi, but since the stupidity required to so misapprehend the Founders’ own clear statements on the matter of big government (hint: they were ag’in it) would render one incapable of feeding oneself, and since she is regrettably still alive and has not starved, we must assume the latter.

A post at the conservative Heritage Action, however, strongly disagreed.

“It is extremely unlikely that the Founders had anything remotely close to Obamacare in mind when they were drafting the Constitution and setting up the government,” Catherine Rosario wrote.

Actually, Obamacare is exactly the sort of thing they had in mind when drafting the Constitution.

Actually, I think they had it in mind even before that, when they took up arms and slaughtered thousands of Redcoats and Hessans in defense of their liberties.

Hmm.  Maybe there’s some sort of lesson in that…

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