A Microsoft Maven Speaks: Do Investors Actually Listen to These Idiots?
Bill Quick

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) news: Microsoft’s Perfect Storm [Apple Inc., Google Inc] – Seeking Alpha

A year ago, Microsoft seemed on the verge of supremacy in mobile devices. Microsoft had just launched Windows 8 and Phone in time for the holiday season. The natural order of things, in which Microsoft (or Intel, or both) were dominant, had been inexplicably upset by Apple’s iOS and Google’s (GOOG) Android devices. Many expected that this order would soon be restored.

Nobody in their right mind expected that.  Even more embarassing, how could an analyst who writes something like the above be expected to be taken seriously in his predictions that follow that whooper?

Sell-side analysts are said to be liars and thieves, but apparently the buy-side guys are morons and maniacs.

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Bill Quick

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A Microsoft Maven Speaks: Do Investors Actually Listen to These Idiots? — 1 Comment

  1. Who thought Microsoft was going to surge in the mobile space? Their numbers have never been better than single-digit percentage of market, and Windows Phone 7 actually saw a loss of market percentage!