Hell, Yes, We Need Tanks! Fighter-Bombers, Too!
Bill Quick

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SUPER-SAFE ORANGE COUNTY well-stocked with paramilitary SWAT trucks. “Irvine police can’t be blamed for taking what was given them. A terrorist attack or an unusual bank heist like the one in Heat could theoretically happen anyplace, and a police chief offered military-grade hardware isn’t going to turn it down.

Sure they can.  The police are supposed to be thinking adults, not greedy children looting the Christmas tree for every goody they can grab in their sweaty paws.

The government shouldn’t be handing out this crap like popcorn, but the recipients shouldn’t be accepting it, either.

The biggest problem is the one that occurred with a similar phenomenon: the rise of the SWAT team.  These heavily armed and equipped attack teams, encouraged and in many cases funded and supported by the federal government, were originally intended to handle a very small number of high-risk situations – dealing with a drug or terror gang armed with full automatic weapons and body armor, for instance.  The sort of incidents that occur once or twice a year in the entire country.  Now they use SWAT teams to serve traffic warrants.

If the cops have tanks, they’ll find ways to use them you never anticipated.  Wait till one shows up at your front door along with a SWAT team because of a complaint about a barking dog.

Bill Quick

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