Crap In One Hand, Global Warming In the Other
Bill Quick

McCrory talks winter storm, avoids climate change on ‘Face the Nation’ ::

— Appearing on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” Sunday to talk about the winter storm that shut down the state last week, Gov. Pat McCrory sidestepped a pointed question about his position on climate change. 

The question from host Bob Schieffer came at the end of a segment on North Carolina’s response to the storm. 

“Governor, a couple of years ago, you made a remark that caught a lot of people’s attention. You said that global warming is ‘in God’s hands,’” Schieffer said. “After what you’ve – going through this thing, do you still feel that way? Is there something we ought to be doing about it in the meantime?”

Only a true-believing propaganda hack like Schieffer would ask about global warming in reference to one of the coldest periods in America in the past 100 years.

If McCrory had possessed even half a brain, he would have responded:  “Bob, I just shoveled a foot of your “global warming off my driveway.  Do you think that maybe you ought to stop beating the global warming drum?”

Bill Quick

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Crap In One Hand, Global Warming In the Other — 5 Comments

  1. True, half a brain seems to be in short supply these days. McCrory is not going to get rock the boat on a personal level, just doesn’t have it in him.

    He did say “”I think someone took a chop off the total sentence there,” McCrory responded. “I will say this: I feel that there’s always been climate change. The debate is, really, how much of it is man-made and how much will it cost to have any impact on climate change.”

    • I wish they’d stop using the term “climate change,” when the true believers picked it up to substitute for “global warming,” once it had become evident global warming had stopped.

      Just ask any of these slobbering doofuses – “Oh, do you mean by “climate change” that the planet is getting colder?”

      Watch’em choke up and start to stutter. Well, if they’re smart enough to figure out what you’re getting at, which most are probably not.

  2. They’re either too stupid to know what “climate change” actually means, or they are not stupid but are con men. They are no different than all the other con men that have roamed the earth. They just play to a wider audience.

    The exception are the McCrory’s who know what *they* mean by climate change, but are just too pussy to take them on. McCrory is not stupid nor a con man, he’s a chickenshit feel good kinda guy.

  3. 1) According to the UN IPCC, global warming isn’t uniform: tropical temperatures have been stable while increase has been primarily in polar region temperatures.

    2) According to Meteorology 101 and elementary thermodynamics, severe weather is driven as a heat engine by difference between heat sources (tropics) and heat sinks (polar).

    3) Hence, warming should reduce frequency/severity of weather as was observed during heating period up to end of last century.

    4) Further, recent instances of severe weather evidence polar cooling to increase delta temperatures.