King Saud Puts the Hammer Down On #PresidentWeakHorse
Bill Quick

Obama considers ways to ‘apply more pressure’ on Syria’s Bashar Assad –

After a late Friday dinner with Jordanian King Abdullah II, one of the United States’ closest Mideast allies, Obama planned to spend the long holiday weekend in seclusion at Sunnylands, a desert retreat. He planned to play golf with close friends and discuss the nearly 3-year-old civil war in Syria with top aides, including national security advisor Susan Rice.

Basic lens though which to view Islamic activity in the Middle East (and elsewhere): The Shia and the Sunni have been at war for control of Islam for more than a millennium.  Saudi Arabia is the mothership of the Sunni sect, and controls the Holiest Places:  Mecca and Medina.  Iran is the mothership of the Shia sect.  Each have allies and surrogates.

In this case, the Assad government is allied with Iran, and is hence regarded as an enemy by Saudi Arabia.  So it’s not surprising that immediately after the Saudi King has a sit-down, hammer-down with President Weak Horse, PWH is abruptly all hot and bothered to get humping on “doing something” about Assad and Syria.

Just as George W. Bush, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Saudi royal family, was hot and bothered to do something about major Saud enemy Saddam Hussein even before 9/11 occurred.

Much of the American Ruling Class has been corrupted by Saudi money.  It’s sad, because they are our “allies” only insofar as they are able to use us against their enemies.  Otherwise, they are a nation of barbarian savages floating on a sea of oil who hate us and would destroy us in an instant, if they could.

I doubt President Weak Horse has a clue about any of this, however.

Bill Quick

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