Let’s Just Send the NHL Champs
Bill Quick

Drama, if Not Miracle, as U.S. Beats Russia – NYTimes.com

   The spotlight fell on Oshie after regulation and overtime ended with the United States and Russia tied at 2. Six times Coach Dan Bylsma sent Oshie out against Russia’s Sergei Bobrovski, a member of the Columbus Blue Jackets who last season was named the best goaltender in the N.H.L.

  Four times Oshie beat Bobrovski with moves that, toward the end, he was making up on the fly. He opened the shootout by putting the puck between Bobrovski’s pads. After the first three shooters for both teams took their turns, it was all Oshie, the rest of the shootout.

Olympic hockey seems more like some sort of NHL all-star fest these days.  Back in the day, the NFL all-star game pitted the league champion against an all-star team from the rest of the league.

The champs beat the all-stars in four of those five games.

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Let’s Just Send the NHL Champs — 1 Comment

  1. In team sports, most of the time, team efforts count the most in the end, if there’s a reasonably even following/enforcement of the rules – team-sport rules are, or at least tend towards being, arranged to that end. Yes, individual excellence/performance can make the difference – a Michael Jordan or a Gordie Howe or a Johnny Unitas can perform outstandingly and inspire even a “pick-up” team to be-seemingly-better than they otherwise may be. But a strong, successful team, working together, can and will – most of the time – defeat a “team” made up of individually-excellent competitors who’ve only recently been teamed up, no matter their personal levels of achievement.

    Tends to work that way in other things than sports, too…

    Like – in politics (which has been, with some justification, referred to as “the only true adult sport” anyway – at least, the only one you do with your clothes [mostly] on…).

    Team efforts really do count.

    Of course, in politics, there’s always that “reasonably even following/enforcement of the rules” thingy to deal with…