Okay, I’m Surprised
Bill Quick

In U.S., 14% of Those Aged 24 to 34 Are Living With Parents

That’s actually considerably better than I would have guessed.

Bill Quick

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Okay, I’m Surprised — 2 Comments

  1. This is fishier than clam chowder. “24 to 34?” Why those ages? How about 21 to 35? At what point did 24 become a meaningful age? Is that now the average age of a graduating college senior? I bet only about 5% of people aged 24 to 65 live with their parents. And on and on and on.

    BOTPRS. (New one. Quick will know what it means.)

    • I think they picked that because, as they mentioned elsewhere, they’re assuming that most 23 year olds are still in college, which I guess makes sense if you assume it takes a median six years to get a four year degree these days. But you’re probably right: BOTPRS.

      Also, um. Clams are fish now? Or do you make your clam chowder with big smelly chunks of smelt or something?