Shocker! Conservative Group Supports a Conservative
Bill Quick

Conservative Group Takes Sides in Michigan G.O.P. Primary –

The country’s biggest conservative political organization announced Wednesday that it was diving into a bitter Republican primary in Michigan, its first such intervention into the broader battle between GOP-leaning business groups and Tea Party conservatives.

The group, Americans for Prosperity, will spend about $230,000 on advertisements thanking Representative Justin Amash, for fighting against President Obama’s signature health care law, officials there said — a shot across the bow of establishment donors who are rallying behind his challenger, Brian Ellis.

The ads do not attack Mr. Ellis, and officials at Americans for Prosperity said the commercial should not be construed as an endorsement of Mr. Amash. But the decision to get into a hotly contested primary on behalf of one of the most aggressive lawmakers hints at the delicate line the group is trying to walk: to maintain its credibility with other conservatives seeking to reshape the Republican Party without committing itself to an expensive internecine struggle that could endanger its chances of retaking the Senate this year.

Yeah, I’m sure that the concern trolls at the NYT are terribly worried about the GOP enduring expensive internecine struggles that could endanger its chances of retaking the Senate.  Just as I’m sure the Times is shocked, shocked at the notion of a conservative group supporting one if its favorite legislators against the RINO moneybags trying to defeat himi.  One wonders if they are equally shocked at those groups financing Amash’s RINO challenger?

Anyway, retaking the Senate with the current Gentry Gang still in charge of the Geriatric Old Pissants buys us nothing more than at least two more years of gigantic, statist government, big spending, security theater, and encroachments on liberty.

So we need to back people like Justin Amash to the hilt, whether in the House or the Senate.  Not only do we need the ones we already have, we need to send them a small army of new allies against not just the Democrats, but the current GOP establishment.

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