Good to See McArdle Is Still Writing Drooling, Clueless Bullshit About Obamacare
Bill Quick

Latest Obamacare Delay Is Probably Illegal – Bloomberg

Unfortunately, some people are going to dislike the changes. It’s easy to understand why Obama wanted to tell voters that anyone who liked their plan or their doctor could keep them, and he’s not exactly the first politician to take some poetic license about the downsides of a policy proposal. But this was never possible. For the system to work, some people had to pay more, get fewer benefits or possibly both.

Ultimately, if Obamacare is going to hang together and not break down into an expensive mess, the administration is going to have to force some people to take unpleasant medicine. Until it demonstrates that it is willing to do so, the law and the insurance market remain at risk.

If?  If????

Good lord, McArdle.  On what planet is that bubble you live in located?

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Bill Quick

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Good to See McArdle Is Still Writing Drooling, Clueless Bullshit About Obamacare — 1 Comment

  1. The change from “Jane Galt” to “Megan McArdle” is too great to be explained by ordinary personal, political development. It could be explained by simple selling out. More likely, though, is that this McArdle person is a pod person. Or, if she slurps any more of the Obamadick, she’ll be a pud person.