Oh, For Gawd’s Sake, Anybody But Cruz or Paul: The Cry of the Wild AP
Bill Quick

Poll of 62,000 tea partiers: Ted Cruz is the most popular Republican 2016 candidate, Chris Christie rock bottom « Hot Air

He’s got some of the same landmines in front of him as Christie did — he needs to win reelection and he can’t have any ethics slip-ups — but if he makes it past that, he’s probably the frontrunner.

Why? Because the Gentry GOP likes him? And they have all the money?

How did that hundred million plus that RINO Rove pissed away in 2012 work out for you?

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Bill Quick

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Oh, For Gawd’s Sake, Anybody But Cruz or Paul: The Cry of the Wild AP — 3 Comments

  1. Really? Anyone but Cruz or Paul?

    Looking down the list in that poll, you’d take any of them over Cruz/Paul?

    Palin/Huckabee/Perry? Rubio/Rice/Santorum?

    To me, the scary part of that poll is how many are on that list that I would want to actively campaign against, for a libertarian or a separate Tea Party candidate.

    • As I reread the post and your comments, I realize you are criticizing Allahpundits’ claim that this was good news for Walker, rather than the two guys who actually won the poll. That’s a relief; I though I had missed something that had turned you off of Cruz and Paul.

  2. Anyone above 55% is OK except Huckabee. 55% appears to exclude Rubio, so that is my break point…

    Only a loser like AP can find the winner below the top, several places below the top. And by what appears to be around 13% lower. It is nice to see that ass from NJ at the bottom. (I like Walker OK, but the winner of this poll is Cruz, by a fair margin)