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Every once in a while – more and more often, actually – some little bit of tech I didn’t know about will jump up and smack me across the chops.

This time it was when I used Open Table to make a dinner reservation for Saturday (btw, deals like Open Table are a huge improvement over the traditional “start calling around and see if anything is available anywhere” method), and when I finished, I noticed a link that said “Add to calendar.”

So I clicked it, and presto:  The appointment appeared on my Google calendar, complete with map to the joint.  All the calendars on all my machines are linked to Google, so the appointment appeared everywhere.  A far cry from laboriously entering the reservation on each of my machines.

Of course, the fact that I have machines is a big difference from the sticky I put on the front of the fridge back in the day….

Yeah, I guess I’m easily amazed.

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Bill Quick

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