Collaborative Chaos
Bill Quick

Top Headline Comments 2-12-14

Admiral McRaven says special ops will have working “Iron Man” suits by 2018. Given that it’s “a collaborative effort involving 56 corporations, 16 government agencies, 13 universities, and 10 national laboratories,” I suspect 2028 is closer to the mark.

And I suspect that “working” will turn out to be a huge exaggeration in the same vein as those “working” Obamacare web sites.

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Bill Quick

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  1. There’s the old advice for picking up girls at parties:

    1. Go ugly early.
    2. If an interested woman doesn’t meet your standards, lower your standards.
    3. No girl is ugly with your dick in her mouth.

    Applying that to top-tier government contractors:

    1. Go expensive early.
    2. If the delivered product doesn’t meet your standards, lower your standards.
    3. No contractor performs poorly with your hand in his pocket.