Obama Has Destroyed the Democrat Party For a Generation
Bill Quick

Obama Turnout Machine Crashes in San Diego — Loses Mayor’s Race by Nine Points | National Review Online

But partly it came from a renewed ability of Republicans to reach out to independent and moderate voters with the need to practice fiscal restraint and sound management. “It’s been less than a decade since public-employee unions drove San Diego into near-insolvency, and people were reminded of that,” says Jason Roe, a political consultant in San Diego.

This is chin-pulling bullshit.  People don’t remember what happened ten years ago – it might as well be hundreds of years ago as far as most are concerned.  And “reminding” them of such things – if they can even be reminded – only makes them wonder why you’re bringing up all that historical shit.

The San Diego vote was such a turnaround for one, and only one reason: As I predicted from even before his election, Barack Obama has destroyed the Democrat Party, likely for a generation.  Chin-pullers tend to live in the Ruling Party bubble, and the notion that one Democrat black man could do so much damage to the senior partner of the Ruling Party Coalition is so far beyond their ken that they will try to find something – anything – else to explain the looming catstrophe for Democrats we will see this fall and forward, of which the San Diego disaster is only a harbinger.

Obama is now trapped in his own suicidal stupidity.  Obamacare was a self-inflicted bullet to the Democrat brain.  And the more the Persident flops around, delaying this and suspending that, while the O-Care system collapses around all our ears, the more he makes clear to everybody who cares and is paying attention – that is, everybody who had insurance they liked before the Democrats rammed Obamacare through without a single GOP vote – that the whole thing is a disaster, and Obama knows it.  Otherwise, why would he be delaying the greatest thing since sliced bread?

Buy more popcorn.  This fall is going to be fun.  Our real enemy, though, isn’t the shattered Democrat party.  It’s the Ruling Party RINOs of the Gentry GOP.   Keep it in mind.

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