Hair-Splitting, Ass-Covering Bullshit from the Military About Benghazi
Bill Quick

House Benghazi Report Concludes Something New That Aide Admits ‘Some People Are Going to Be Upset About’ |

“I was not ordered to stand down. I was ordered to remain in place. ‘Stand down’ implies that we cease all operations, cease all activities. We continued to support the team that was in Tripoli. We continued to maintain visibility of the events as they unfolded. … If we would have went into Benghazi, it could have been catastrophic,” Gibson said in June.

One member of Gibson’s team, a medic, is credited with providing critical care to Benghazi survivors who arrived in Tripoli.

Sorry, but this is hair-splitting, a distinction without a difference.  The military was ordered not to remain in Tripoli, and to offer no on-site assistance to the men in battle in Benghazi.  So, in terms of Benghazi, they were ordered to stand down.

As for “catastrophic,” how?  To whom?  Not going in ended up being fairly catastrophic for the Americans who were killed in battle there.  Nobody is claiming that the US military was ordered to take a nice nap all across the globe.  Some of us are saying they were told to do nothing to help the Americans fighting for their lives in Benghazi, and that still seems to be exactly what did happen.

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