Global Ruling Class: Putting the Scam in Scamnesty
Bill Quick

Swiss vote to limit foreign workers captures growing European fears about immigration – The Washington Post

BERLIN — A tightly contested vote in Switzerland to limit workers from European Union countries brought threats of retaliation Monday from leaders across the continent.

The vote also stoked fears that Swiss citizens were reflecting the zeitgeist across Europe, where right-wing populists increasingly are seizing the spotlight with an anti-immigration political agenda.

The global ruling class encourages unfettered immigration across borders because when that exists, borders vanish, and when borders vanish, nations do as well.

Which is what they want.  It’s far more difficult to have a global ruling class when the globe is divided into hundreds of “sovereign” nations.  So what the global pro-immigration movement is really all about is an attempt to destroy national sovereignty.

No more, no less.  And the Swiss seem to have figured out the scam.  Which makes them very, very dangerous to the global ruling class.


Bill Quick

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