Yes, GWB Gave Us This – Thanks a Diaper-Load, Pal!
Bill Quick

» “He’s Wearing a Diaper!”: TSA Agent Humiliates Cancer Victim Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

The man was then forced to change out into a separate adult diaper and the TSA agents confiscated his used diaper so that they could subject it to further scrutiny. After ensuring that the wet diaper was not an explosive item, the couple were finally allowed to leave and board their plane.

“Frustrating that people have to go through this in the name of security. We have neither security nor freedom now, just lots of embarrassing and frustrating stories,” states the man’s wife, adding that he cried after the incident, which was “one of the most embarrassing” experiences of their lives.

The airport in which the incident occurred is not named, although the man’s wife said it happened last week.

The incident stems out of the TSA’s ridiculous rule which bans carry on liquids that are not presented for inspection in a clear bag, a policy that has been slammed as absurd and pointless.

Absurd and pointless pretty much describes almost all of the TSA’s security theater.  At least when it’s not being evil, cruel, and malignant.

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