It’s Not Hillary, It’s Billary
Bill Quick

“Hillary papers” show ruthless, ambitious First Lady « Hot Air

The problem with Hillary isn’t her cut-throated approach to politics. It’s that she’s incompetent. We’re better off focusing on that more recent and vivid history than in revisiting the nostalgic past of the Democratic Party.

Which brings us to the cardinal mistake commenters like Ed make when talking about Hillary Clinton.  They take her as Hillary qua Hillary, as if she is solitary.  But the very emphasis on her time in the White House underlines what is really the situation:  She’s not Hillary, she’s Billary.

Nobody gives a rat’s ass about Hillary’s competence, because they think, or believe, or remember that Billary was competent.  Democrats look back to the Billary administration as a golden age, when the seas were not yet risinig, but deficits were wiped out and the stock market exploded through the roof.  It was the time of the Peace Dividend, the Money Decade, the lowest unemployment rates in the past 100 years, rising home values, a veritable cascade of the Good Life.

And Billary is running for the White House again.  Pretending that Hillary is the solitary factor is like pretending that if Michelle Obama were to run for the White House, Barack Obama would not be factored into the equation of her candidacy.

And just for drill:  the “scandal” of a supposed Hillary advocacy of single-payer won’t hurt her one jot or tittle among Democrats, since that is the ultimate health-care goal they’ve been chasing ever since the 1960s. 

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