How Dumb Is Dumb Starbucks?
Bill Quick

Clueless MSM big-hairs are wondering why this “art exibit” is so busy.

Dumb Starbucks in L.A. parodies real coffee shop

cording to tweets, people waited for an hour for their free Dumb Starbucks coffee.

There is some interesting stuff going on here. First, this isn’t a “prank,” unless somebody with a lot of money has decided to start pouring it down a prankhole.

Some are speculating this is some sort of reality TV show. It’s in LA, so one can’t immediately write off that notion.

Or it could be exactly what it says it is: An experiment in public art, which will end up as a video installation or somesuch, funded by a deep-pockets art foundation grant.

People say the coffee is sort of lousy, but they they say that about the real Starbucks, too.

Or maybe Starbucks itself is behind the parody. It’s certainly deluging the social media sites with that name, even if it is prefixed with “Dumb.”

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Bill Quick

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