Is McConnell Toast Yet? Keep the Heat On Until He Is
Bill Quick

Is McConnell the new underdog? | TheHill

The main reason McConnell and his supporters haven’t yet been able to hone in on Lundergan Grimes is because the incumbent has also been preoccupied with Bevin. The businessman’s primary campaign has been problematic for McConnell’s campaign on two levels: It’s drawn attention and resources from the general election contest, and it’s made it more difficult for McConnell to tout his work for the state and build a positive narrative around his candidacy.

McConnell’s been the subject of more than $1 million in attacks from Democratic and conservative groups, focused on his long tenure in office and what Democrats see as his failure to deliver for Kentucky.

In particular, conservative groups like the Senate Conservatives fund and FreedomWorks have spent more than $600,000 combined on television ads and mailers charging McConnell hasn’t done enough to oppose Obama’s agenda and excessive government spending, and dismantle ObamaCare.

Those ads likely contributed to the 43 percent of conservatives in the Bluegrass Poll who disapprove of the job the senator is doing.

Piper said the primary has been an unwelcome distraction for McConnell, in that he has to “take care of these things in sequential order,” and the primary comes first.

And with any luck, it will be his last.  If Bevin defeats him in the primary, he’ll go on to kick Grimes’s butt to the moon.  Kentucky is a conservative state.  It will vote for a real conservative over a Democrat.  But first, they have to have a real conservative to vote for – hence we have to get rid of McConnell and give them the choice of Bevin.

It is not too early to kick in a little bit to this good cause:

Home – Matt Bevin for Senate

And we still have to do something about John Boehner, too. The only message I want to send to both Boehner and McConnell is:  “You’re fired.”

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