Killing the Economy With Do-Gooderism
Bill Quick

Obamacare’s Restaurant Calorie-Label Mandate Is A Complete Mess – Forbes

After the flawed rollout of the Affordable Care Act, most of Washington focused on repairing and delaying the law’s most obvious problems. However, a handful of lawmakers have finally noticed one of the law’s hidden regulations: a strict calorie labeling requirement for chain restaurants, vending machines, and other food distributors. What at first appeared to be more bureaucratic but harmless government do-gooding is now proving a verifiable nightmare for small business owners and federal regulators alike.

There is no way I would even try to open a restaurant in today’s business environment.  The last restaurant I owned grossed a million a year (back in 1976, when that was a more respectable sum), and employed something like 35 people.

I wonder how many operations like that don’t even try to get off the ground these days.  My hunch is the number is very high.

Bill Quick

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