She Won’t Walk – They’ll Have to Carry Her Out In a Box
Bill Quick

What if Hillary just walked away? « Hot Air

Even nearly three years out, it’s become “common knowledge” which has been repeated by more folks than you can count. (Including yours truly) Hillary Clinton is going to run for President. How could she not? And assuming she does, she will most certainly win the Democrat nomination. On top of that, she will present a daunting challenge to the GOP candidate, no matter whether the nominee is “establishment” or “grassroots” or from the Planet Ork. But I’m seeing an increasing amount of speculation that perhaps the conventional wisdom is neither. Does she want to spend two more years on the campaign trail to win at least four – if not eight – years in the most stressful job in the world? She’d be around 80 years old when it was over. What if Hillary Clinton just chucks it all and walks away from the American Game of Thrones? And who would rise to fill the Democrats’ power vacuum?

If she were going to “walk away,” she’d have done so by now.  Instead, the vaunted Clinton machine seems to be gearing up for an all-hands-on-deck, full-speed-ahead run in 2016.  They have a lot of vengeance they intend to wreak after their victory, too, which is yet another incentive for them.  The Clintons like nothing better than a good political bloodbath, especially when they are wreaking it on their enemies.

Of more interest than the speculation about her hanging up her spike heels is the utter paucity of talent in line behind her.  One of the reasons Hillary was regarded as inevitable in 2008 was that she had no competition – just some well-spoke, crease-pantsed half-black guy, little more than a joke candidate from Chicago.

It’s even worse today.  The GOP has a far deeper bench in every conceivable way.  The Democrats are rapidly becoming the party of the faceless nomenklatura.  And it’s questionable whether the welfare state and the MSM can continue to push a bunch of nobodies over the top.

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