I Really Like My New “Chef’s Pan”
Bill Quick

So I bought this from Amazon the other day:

It’s from Lodge, pre-seasoned cast iron, and it’s called a “deep” skillet. IOW, it has three inch walls rather than two inch, which helps with spatter, and it holds about three quarts. (I’m eyeballing – I haven’t measured it).

On my diet, I eat a lot of meat, and nothing cooks meat better than well-seasoned cast iron. So I end up using it just about every day.

I’ll admit that it’s a bit heavy to “one-hand,” but it does have that pour handle on the other side, which I do use.

You can get one here:

Lodge L8DSK3 Pre-Seasoned Deep Skillet, 10.25-inch

Less that $28, and it will last longer than you will.

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Bill Quick

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