Berkeley Prof to Students: I Order You to Potentially Trash Your Futures
Bill Quick

UC Berekely | Class Requirements | Islamahobia Tweets

Student says, “He’s basically using us as unpaid labor to work on his agenda.”





Showing today’s students can be savvy about both social media and academic agendas, some University of California – Berkeley students are upset over one professors latest class requirements.

UC Berkeley students enrolled in an Asian American Studies course called “Islamophobia & Constructing Otherness” are required to create Twitter accounts and Tweet about Islamophobia, author and Toronto Sun columnist Tarek Fatah reports.

Islamophobia is defined as a hatred or fear of Islam or Muslims.

Unless this class is a requirement, I’d drop it.  And if it is a requirement, I’d sue the professor for relief.

See, the real problem here is not the progtardian psychopathology of this lunatic professor.  It’s that the Internet is forever.  These students may not really appreciate what that means, not yet, but the truth is that ten years down the road, some employer or some other entity important to the student may be reading those tweets, and the excuse “My professor made me do it” may not cut much mustard.

Kids, take my advice:  If you engrave something on the bytes of time, try to make sure that you at least believe what you’re saying, and are willing to own it for the rest of your life.

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