Stacy McCain Bitch-Slaps a Commie Punk
Bill Quick

The Renegade Jesse Myerson : The Other McCain

Of course, in actual practice — as opposed to Myerson’s word games —

Stacy McCain is busily slicing and dicing the hapless wannabe commie Jesse Myerson – today’s nominee for the One Second of Fame prize – and with three words he touches the heart of the problem with Myerson’s creed:  It doesn’t work.

Not in the real world, at least.  Not in actual practice.  Because, you see, communism must be practiced and carried out by real people, and its effects must also be felt by real people.

Am I not human?  Do I not bleed? 

And do I not kick the shit out of anybody who tries to take my stuff?

Myerson is trying to explicate an ideological and/or moral reason for it being okay for the state to take your stuff for its own purposes.  Such justifications always founder in the face of human nature.  If you apply enough force (terror) you can sometimes get away with this sort of state-sponsored armed robbery for a long while, if by “getting away with it” means sowing the seeds for your own destruction.

Because in the real world, in actual practice, human vengeance always plays a role.  Ask any number of murderous, thieving tyrants who ended up choking on their own blood at the hands of their victims.

Which is why Jesse Myerson has no idea what he’s setting himself up for.  Communism doesn’t work in the real world, but vengeance does.

Bill Quick

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